Design Education
& Leadership

Building Design Teams

Different organizations require different team setups:s hould the team be all generalists or specialists? What should the workflows be like?

Scaling Design

Some people say design doesn't scale. However, it does if we balance 3 areas: processes,Design Systems, and creative freedom.

Mentoring & Performance

Finding great talent is just step 1. After that comes performance management, effective feedback, and growth opportunities.

Creative Education

In my last position as Head of Curriculum and Mentorship at Designlab, I led the internal efforts on creative courses, as well as managing and coaching a network of 400+ mentors.

Creative Direction

You can find me auditing, consulting, and advising on design projects and team building for international companies as part of the amazing Toptal network.

Experimentation & Growth

When I'm not working on any of these things, you can most probably find me reading HBR, trying the latest edition of Rituals, stargazing, writing, or planning new adventures.

Design Work

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Don't take my word for it

Sara’s strongest point is how quickly she learns and adapts to not only any team but also even the most complex line of businesses. This makes her a natural strategist that is able to make order out of the messiest chaos and even create a great solutions out of thin air.

Robin Bultot

Global Head of Pre-Sales at Backbase

My learning experience was most definitely shaped by Sara's brilliant expertise and her support. Whenever I faced challenges, Sara would draw from her own industry experiences to provide valuable insights and tips but still ultimately empowered me to be confident in my design decisions.

Emily Huang

Experience Designer at Intrepid (Accenture Interactive)

I had the pleasure of working with her on a few projects. She quickly understands the customers' businesses which I believe it's a very important skill to have on the design process. Her communication and user experience knowledge makes her a great and valuable designer.

Guilherme Medeiros

Lead Frontend Developer at New10

Despite her youth, Sara is confident and experienced, but also listens to other people’s ideas and opinions. She is a natural leader who effortlessly grasps complex ideas and concepts and guides the craft required to deliver undeniably good digital experiences.

Telma Rodrigues

Freelance Translator

Sara is an amazing designer, teacher, and listener, and I am extremely fortunate to have had her as my mentor. I cannot recommend her enough based on her vast experience in design, her friendly and positive attitude, and her amazing ability to assess and tackle any situation as they came.

Autumn Tran

UI/UX Designer at Clearhead

Sara is an excellent mentor. She's incredibly challenging, friendly, knowledgeable, and constantly engaging. Her enthusiastic personality is addictive. Sara manages a large group of students but I never felt pushed to the side. I'm very grateful for being paired with her.

Michael Messina

Senior User Experience Specialist at Travelers

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